Installing Sonarr in Docker Container ;(

am struggling a little bit with my setup of

I used Home Assistant installed on Raspbain in a Virtualenv, but i just upgraded to https://Hass.Io and I love it . On my previous install I_had Sonarr Running in the backround and i would like to install Sonarr in a Docker container on my

I manged to create a container pulling the image from linuxserver/sonarr

but when i want to start the container i get this message:

but there is no container running with this binding:

I just cant find the issue and where to look

and when Iam visiting the web GUI where Sonarr should be i get this :

Its my first time using docker ;/ Can someone give me a hint ?


There’s already a linuxserver/sonarr and an equivalent for raspberry pi you can just install…

I did it with the instrucktions from Linux-Server/sonarr :confused:

Something is already using the port you defined for Sonarr. Did you remove Sonarr that you were previously running not in docker? You might try just mapping the container to a different port and see what happens.

i run the hassio on a new Raspi (3b+) and there was no sonarr before. with a newly created container with a diffrent port i got this :

with a created container in portainer i get this Log :

because the architecture is incorrect for the Pi.

You need an image built for arm

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Yes there is a different one for the RPi… kinda mentioned that.

I also could not use port 8989 as something else was already using that… I used 18989 and you have to MANUALLY edit the XML or ini file as it will have 8989 in it so you need to edit the port number in there and it works fine.

or just map it in your docker run or docker-compose -p 18989:8989

It still needs the XML/INI file to be edited manually… took me forever when I set it up to find out why it wouldn’t load the GUI (and if you don’t map the port Sonarr won’t even start because the port is in use)

Edit (just saw you said 18989:8989 - that would work…)

Thanks for the help!

To be honest potainer did the trick to get it done. Its quite easy to use.

I used a different image from docker hub and changed the port and now its running smooth :slight_smile:

I took me days to get to that Problem.xD

Now i just i will try to mount a NAS storage :wink: and Iam done

hi @macjex, could you please explain a bit more how you managed to install the docker image?
Like in your first screenshot I’m on the cli (connected via ssh), now trying to follow the guides of either or

I start with trying to execute the docker pull command, but get docker: command not found
Which is logical as the documentation for states you can’t do that kind of stuff from the command line, yet on your screenshots I see you executing docker commands.