Installing Timezone data into MariaDB

I’m having issues with time based data from Grafana and it appears there is an issue with time zones. It appears the MariaDB I use for both the HA config DB and a separate DB holding some other data is not configured for handling time zones…

Now, it appears this is rather important for something handeling time series data, i.e. most everything HA… :wink:

So, as per Time Zones - MariaDB Knowledge Base these tables are empty and I should install them using this tool mysql_tzinfo_to_sql - MariaDB Knowledge Base

Now… here starts my problems…

How do I do that?

I tried to SSH but that didn’t work. The command does not appear to be there (I’m guessing the files are there, but can’t be found)

Anyone have a step-by-step for a Linux illiterate?

Thanks in advise