Installing Tor on Hassio

Hey all, I’m trying to install Tor on hassio OS and I’m following this guide “
Problem is that When I ssh to hassio, I get this screen and I can’t use apt-get or sudo types of commands.


I would like to know if it’s possible to install tor on hassio.

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I’d also like to know how to use tor on Hass.IO. I tried Hass.IO, but I needed to install node.js for a custom integration I have with a whole home audio amp. I like a lot of things about Hass.IO, but I can’t switch over unless there is a way to support Tor, and node.js.

HASS.IO is not a debian or ubuntu based system. It is based on ResinOS, and as such, you don’t have the flexibility to install your own applications. Everything should be docker containers.

I think you would be better served using hassbian, just a default hass install on pi, or running your own docker containers to manage everything.

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