Installing Tuya API for LocalTuya Integration

Hi all,

This is probably a basic question but guidance would be appreciated.

I’m running home assistant 2021.1.1 on a virtual machine.

I’m trying to configure LocalTuya but I’m stuck on the first step of installing the tuya API. I’m not sure where this is supposed to be done. I tired running it in the home assistant command line on my virtual machine after logging in as root. However. it’s returning the message ‘/bin/ash: npm:not found’. I tried with sudo as a prefix as well.

Am I running the command in the wrong place?

I ran into this issue as well but the solution was easier than you would imagine. Install node.js on your PC and run the command in your local terminal, not on HA.

Soooo simple (for once haha). Thank you, I’ve got it going now!