Instant response battery powered button

Are there any bt/thread/zigbee/rf433 buttons then do not wait for doubleclick? I do not mean switches that simulate wall switch? That i solved with custom esphome hardware, but i want small button for the table or other places I need small-ish button. Ikea had those, but I experimented with ikea gateway, it paired the button by itself, updated it, and added doubleclick wait.

what does not have option to not wait for doubleclick:
aqara - about 800ms delay
aeotec - about 1 second delay
tuya whatever weird zigbee button - also tuya does not like non tuya gateways
ikea button 203.563.82 - after initial batch i’m afraid no way to keep fast response firmware - about 900ms delay

tuya wall switches (battery powered) - battery drain on non tuya gateway, does not react on press after some time of inactivity

what does not work at all:
switchbot remote - no BT advertising mode

So far best i found is the ikea 1/0 button 104.085.98, that has pretty much instant reaction, but is not … cute … enough.

If i understand it correctly flick buttons would not work via esphome bt proxy, but they need flick hub?

I wonder if going lowtech with rf433 might actually be best in response time?

is there maybe some nicer alternaive to those?

Also for people thinking that zigbee is slow, this might be the root cause.

Not sure how the sentence above is correlated to initial question. If button supports double-cluck internally, it has to wait. it cannot send click if double click might be recognized a few hundreds ms later.

it can be avoided only if:

  • button doesn’t support double click at all
  • button has option to disable double click feature
  • button has configured double click waiting time