Instant Status - will this be an option?


I’m planning my HA setup and was wondering if instant status will possibly be supported in future?

I’m considering HS-WD100+ switches that support this. However if this is unlikely supported at any time I’m probably better off with regular GE’s and saving $15 a switch.

Thanks in advance

Instant status should be supported. Generally, it’s a switch feature, not a software (HASS/OZW) issue. The central scene feature of the HS-WD100+ isn’t yet supported by OZW (and thus, HASS).

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is this relevant to what I put here yesterday? (see one topic before)?

It looks like the same thing, but note that the greenwaves I use have instant report in domoticz(with ozwcp) and show up on my HASS-pi (in ozwcp) - but not in HASS.

Yeah - I think we’re gonna need more info to help you - model numbers of switches and snippets of YAML configuration at the least.

Ahh, I think I meant is central scene supported, sorry getting terminology mixed up. Although I now see that’re more of a OZW question that HA.

The thread posted by ih8gates suggested OZW 1.6 will have full support so it seems these switches (or fibaro) will be a good investment after all. Thanks!