Insteon 2412s PLM

tl:dr- would it be worth it to integrate my 2412s into my raspberryPi-based setup? Would there be any real advantage to having a third (Z-Wave/ZigBee/?Insteon?) protocol available for use, since I don’t really have much invested just yet with only a couple devices each thus far?

  • Also- advice on how I should physically connect the PLM and Pi…I’m not sure of the voltage compatibility and what not. Figured the safe-play would be PLM->Bi-Directional Level Converter->Serial-to-USB->PiUSB
    Do I really need the Converter?, Could I just go PLM->PiGPIO?, PLM->Converter->GPIO?, PLM->Serial/USB->PiUSB?

--------Long Version--------

My question is if it’s worth it to integrate into my setup, which is super-basic right now…

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Nortek HUSBZB-1 (Z-Wave and ZigBee)
  • GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat (linked, but not physically installed yet)
  • Osram Lightify RGBW LED strip (ZigBee)
  • 3x GoControl Dimmable Z-Wave bulbs (still in package)

…and on the shelf:

  • SmartHome Insteon 2412s PLM
  • a couple LampLinc(k) socket dimmers
  • maybe a couple wall plug dimmers that may or may not have been purchased and may or may not have been subsequently lost.

…pretty much just getting started down the HomeAutomation path again. I was at MicroCenter to get a AIO watercooler for my PC, remembered there was a new Pi out, came home, looked around at my collection of half-complete RaspPi projects (seriously- I can see six Pi’s right now, it’s kinda ridiculous. then there is the small tin that has 3?, 4?, 5? Zeros in it… help isnt being sought).

Anyyyyway. I’ve been pulling wire for a company that installs Elan automation systems, we’ve transitioned to 2GIG for our alarm panels and 2GIG is a sub of Nortek. So… when I saw that Nortek made a z-wave/zigbee stick… and I had yet another Pi… just seemed logical. Thanks Amazon. (/sarcasm)

So. I also have a couple pieces of Insteon kit that I picked up years and years ago for previous testing (HA has gotten so much more accessible in the last 10? years.)

Thus far, it seems like I should be good with ZigBee-compatible for cost-effective lighting, and Z-Wave for heavier tasks like motion/presence or climate.