Insteon 8 button dimmer switch individual button to scenes

Hello, I’m new to HA and installed it out of necessity since Insteon turned off their cloud services.

I’ve got the hub connected and my devices were auto discovered.

I have an 8 button keypad dimmer with each of the buttons tied to individual lights OR scenes.

When I create a new scene in HA, each button is not a selectable device to tie to the scene. Rather, the whole switch is selectable and I have to set on or off for each of the 8 buttons. Is there a way to only have one button selected. Essentially I want a trigger (sunset) to turn on my landscaping lights, which are all on a scene. One of the buttons on the 8 button switch does this but I want to light it up as well when turned on with automation.

I could just set everything to off and only turn on the one switch but then what if I have something else on when the automation comes on?

Thanks in advance!

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Any update? I am facing a similar issue.
I have an automation that turns on a lamp (100%) in button A, another automation which dims the lamps (50%) in button.

Issue is, if the button A is on (lamp at 100%) and I press button B to dim the lamp, everything works but I end up with both button lit on (A and B).