Insteon configuration panel

Great news! One of the two pull requests has been merged into Dev. Now we just need the second PR to get reviewed. Halfway there.

I’m excited for this - thanks for your continued work!

I have been everyday refreshing the Pull Requests and watching the drama. I can’t wait for this and to say good bye to HomeSeer. Now if we could get detached load support on KPL in a future update i would be in heaven.

Is there still a chance this could be in the August releases if it gets approved?

I don’t think so. I believe the August release candidate has been set. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

Wow I feel like they are giving this update the cold shoulder!

I didn’t see this in 2021.9 either. Any estimate on when it might make it in?

So it doesn’t look like the HomeAssistant Admins seem to want to review and get this change in and even made a comment on if this should be part of the core. You can read the comments about the change and make up your mind but I feel they are unfairly making a grave misjustice towards all the hard work teharris1 has made

After reading the PR, it sounds to me like they are just busy.


No sure but should this be checked by teharris??

Yeah i gave them the benefit of the doubt on that but then i check that persons activity log and they have been approving other PRs and making code changes since they posed that and was on go live video chat for the September HA release and still hasn’t gotten back to teharris. There were alot of other PR that have been reviewed while this has been skipped over since April.

There are 2 things going on here… The 1st is that they are very busy for sure as there are a limited number of people that do work on the front end versus the back end. The 2nd is an architectural question of whether they want every component to have their own control panel for component specific configuration. This is a very valid and important question since insteon represents the 1st component to post this type of change that isn’t contributed by one of the moderators.

I have started to work on an alternative front end while the architecture question is being thought through.

I personally feel it would be better and easier for Is the front end to develop a generic config option similar to what has been done for the installation of integrations. This would mean developers would not have to put in their own front end work but rather would do everything in the back end and the user would get a consistent experience across all integrations.

another set back it appears here is the comments on the PR which was closed:

balloob commented yesterday

I think that it’s better to not move forward with the insteon panel. Insteon is used by 0.2% of the users, Home Assistant Analytics, and it’s not an official integration or open home automation standard.

This code can still be made available to users via a custom integration registering a custom panel, similar to how the Supervisor panel works.

That’s too bad. This looked very interesting and I was waiting for it to become available.

I have been too. This was the only think I needed to completely move off of HomeSeer. I think the point balloob made about only being at 0.2% usage is because most of us that use Insteon need alot more then what is avaible in the current integration. So we don’t install and use it. If this control panel was part of HA i know that number would be higher.

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So is there any chance to have it implemented as suggested by balloob?

I am working on it. I am thinking this is a multi-step process.

  1. Create a custom panel that would require you to download a java file and modify configuration.yaml to install.
  2. Create the add on that Paulus referred to.
  3. Try to find a way to install the add on when you install Insteon

Not sure number 3 above will be possible but the first two are definitely doable. Just not sure how to do them yet so a good amount of work for me to figure that out. Once I figure out how to accomplish number 1, number 2 should be fairly easy.

teharris1 How can i send you a donation for your work!


Thanks for taking this project on.

I would be willing to contribute for your work also.

Same here.

I appreciate it but all good. What you can do is help me find someone who understands frontend development cuz this stuff is confusing.