Insteon configuration panel

For those in the HA community that use Insteon I have been working on a control panel to enable very detail configuration of your Insteon devices within HA. Here is a quick video to show the concept and the current progress.


Great work, @teharris1! However, is the ALDB management implemented solely for the Insteon Hub at this time? I’m using a USB PLM (2413U (0x03, 0x15)) and don’t see this data when accessing the device.


This is still in development so it will not be available for a few more releases of HA. It is getting close but still a ways to go.

Looks awesome so far!

Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to this. :+1:

This looks great! Let me know if there’s something I can do to assist and I’ll see what I can do!

looking forward to this, this is the level of Insteon control that I’ve been missing since moving to HA.

Looking forward to this. This is the last thing i need to get completely off my homeseer nightmare. Well that and google to allow gsuite accounts to work with nest. But heck i am turing away from google nest was good at first but now with google owning they went down hill.

any way, once this needs testers i am in. I just rebuilt my entire Insteon db in prep. I have a good mix of items from protcal i1 to i2cs.

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Excellent work, looks promising. Any idea when it will be available in beta for testing?

Add me to the list! Any idea when this will be released?

I’d also like to be on this list. I’m pulling my hair out right now trying to change over from homeseer.

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I just submitted the pull request for the control panel. I will try to get you all a refreshed video so you can see it in action.


i want in! i want in!! thanks @teharris1 incredible work! :clap:

Please forgive the newbee nature of this question: Just starting into HA Rpi with the 2413U PLM. Been running HomeSeer for like 15 years. I’ve got the PLM detected and now trying to figure out how get HA to be aware of my (30 or so) Insteon devices. Here’s where my screen sits now. Hoping you can let me know how to get to where you are in this video and/or point me in the right direction for HA/Insteon/Rpi tutorials (Haven’t been able to find a forum subcategory for us yet. Thanks!

I’m with you on that!

I’m also just starting and wanting to migrate from HomeSeer!

Normally it take a hour or 2 after you first get it loaded to scan your hardwired devices in. Did anything show up? If nothing is scanned in make sure you have the port write and check your logs for any errors. It should read the DB on the PLM and scan the devices and bring them in.

For now i have been using Mark’s insteon Plugin for HomeSeer to program my PLM and devices then plug the PLM into HA for controling. First time i plug it in i had a few issues and had to look into the logs only to find i had the wrong port. Then after that i had a device that the plugin didn’t know and it would cause the discovery to stop.

@teharris1 - I see this didn’t make into the next release (2021.06) Is there a way we can merge this into our own local copy. I see how to do it to the with the API pull request, I just don’t understand how to merge on the frontend pull request?

If you can follow the instructions to set up a frontend dev environment I would be happy to help load my code into it. But I will say, setting up a frontend dev environment is not for the faint of heart.

Frontend development | Home Assistant Developer Docs (

Very interested… following.