Insteon configuration panel


Note to Self: Don’t buy that type of fan!
Obvioulsly you are saying it is RF remote. I have seen issues reported for IR and not enough power to send the light beam unless perfectly pointed.

Most all mine are RF.

Yeah, it’s an older fan before I was into automation. It’s kind of funny because I had three imsteon switches and the eight button touchpad on my wall for several years.

And it took the company going out of business and me breaking out into a full-blown panic to find out what my options were

Couple days later I was like Home Assistant what’s that? It was right they added the whole integration

Never knew it would consume the next three years of my life lol every week configuring something new

On that note, I think I’ll look to see if and what type of ceiling fans are out there that are already smart and integrate directly with Home Assistant. Thanks for the help.

Well …

(Disclaimer: I know some folks from the company)
My Haiku is beautiful. And well made stuff.

FYI, I am totally willing to trade anyone all my 6 button switches (like 6 or 7 of them) for dimming paddles. With Home Assistant now …

  1. I never use the buttons on those
  2. I rarely use any switch, ever except for a few … I have wall tablets now
  3. My wife NEVER uses a switch, she has everything in scenes and Alexa and Home Assistant … handles her life perfect. “Alexa, turn on couch” … “Alexa, it’s bedtime” … “Alexa, open gate” , “Alexa, turn on dogs”.

Great news everyone! The most recent update of the Insteon Panel has been merged into the core. The features included in this change are:

  1. Delete devices
  2. Configure modem (PLM / Hub)
  3. Configure device overrides (still not a recommended option in most cases)
  4. Manage X10 devices
  5. Move the panel from the side panel and to the standard configuration path
    Settings → Devices & Services → Insteon → Configure
  6. Ability to access a specific device configuration from the HA device page. I.e. you can get to the Insteon properties / ALDB via:
    Settings → Devices & Services → Devices Tab → Select Device → Visit (in device info box)
  7. All panel actions are moved under the actions (three dots) menu in the upper right corner of the screen for design consistency with other HA screens

The move from the side panel to the Configure section was requested by the HA team to make this consistent with other integrations.


@teharris1 I can’t express enough my gratitude for all you’ve done with the Insteon integration. You are the reason I use HA today, as I was part of the great Insteon-to-HA migration when the Insteon servers went offline from the bankruptcy.

I’ve used a Hub 2 and now a USB PLM to connect to HA. The PLM responds much more quickly, and doesn’t seem to be as affected by situations when a spike in Insteon traffic leads to messages being dropped on the way to/from HA.

But I have a couple of issues with my Insteon devices that I’m hoping you or someone else here can help with.

Status often doesn’t change in HA if a wired device was changed in response to a Mini Remote (2342-2). The remotes are directly linked to the target devices (dimmer outlet, ApplianceLinc, FanLinc). I’ve noticed that sometimes HA will see the button signal from the remote, but inconsistently. It’s never consistent; it’ll work for a while and then stop working for a while.

Also, I have two 2476S relay switches. They do not correctly work with ALDB read/write. They are linked to the PLM, correctly report state, and respond to on/off commands from HA. But when I try to load the ALDB, it shows one entry and stops, reporting that the ALDB is partially loaded. This behavior occurs with both 2476S switches. Ideas on why this may be happening?

@poppaduck Thanks for the kind words. Happy to help. I am going to IM you to debug your issue

I would like to add my voice of deep appreciation and thank you for all the work you do to maintain and innovate the Insteon integration. It is a lifesaver for me.

Question, I think I recall the integration used to auto detect new devices. I added a new plug in module to the hub using the older Insteon app on my phone. Works fine. That was about an hour ago, I have rebooted HA but still has not identified presence of new device. Perhaps I am mistaken. What am I missing?

I’ve seen this happen before. Most of the time they show up just fine, but occasionally they don’t.

As a rule, I’ve had more consistent results when using the HA interface to link devices to the hub. It doesn’t hurt anything to relink via HA.

@rfmcmanus, yes, it should recognize a deviced added using the Hub app or using the set buttons on the Hub and the device. I will test that to see if something broke. In the meantime, there is no harm in re-adding the device using the HA UI.