Insteon configuration panel

I’m using Firefox on MACOS and when I first get to the device page, click on a device, click the back arrow on the device setting page, I get brought back to the device list page. If I click on the back button there, I get brought back to the device settings page. I made a capture of my issue, but I can’t attach a MOV file to this post.

Okay, got it, and I see now what you’re saying. The back arrow is simply taking you to the previous page that you were just at. I’m not sure where you are wanting to be taken since for me the sidebar is always there on the left and accessible…

I believe my issue is I have the sidebar set to “Always Hide” which causes the issue to be encountered.

This sounds interesting as I’m not thrilled with the Insteon integration at all, but does it require the hub or will it work with the PLM? I’ve install it and added to my .yaml, and I don’t see the Insteon Frontend.

I am using a PLM and this panel works just fine for me…

  - name: insteon-frontend
    url_path: insteon
    sidebar_title: Insteon
    sidebar_icon: mdi:server
    module_url: /local/insteon_frontend/entrypoint.js
    embed_iframe: true
    require_admin: true

Okay. I have it working. I see a lot of dead links, especially to an old PLM. Can they be deleted?

They can be marked unused which is technically the same as deleting them.

It works with the Hub and the PLM. The current state is that this panel is a custom panel that needs to be installed manually. The plan is to make it a standard part of the Insteon component but there is a lot of work that for that to happen.

Hey @teharris1 … thanks for the hard work, I stumbled upon this while looking for a way to have Home Assistant change the LED Brightness of my Insteon switches.

Is there a way to ‘automate’ that?

Specifically, I like to set our LED’s in our bedroom to ‘off’ in the evening, and restore them in the AM

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Not at this time but in the next release it will be a service call.

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Fantastic! Thank you… will it be both brightness and on/off?

Any property

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Just stumbled across this thread, sounds fantastic! I am currently using a ISY994i with a PLM. My ISY is basically just a pass-through to get my 54 Insteon devices in HA…I otherwise dislike the old-school look of the ISY IDE and all of its quirks.

Excited to try this out soon, thanks!

Just found this … another amazing peace of software… big shout to @teharris1 …thank you for all the work

Looks like this won’t be getting integrated into core. A shame, but I hope @teharris1 keeps up the great work!


I might be sleuthing wrong, but it seems @sheepbomb created an account to come in here and say that? Seems… odd.

Yeah I think I misread @teharris1 's progress here. I was referring to this PR ( which looks like was already discussed above way back in Sept! I really hate how this discussion board works, seems to make things that have already been discussed hard to find.

Sorry to inject any doubt, really looking forward to what’s next!

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Is there any interest in splitting Insteon out similar to ZWaveJS2MQTT? I’d really like to have more control over my Insteon network and if there is not an appetite to include these tools in the core, perhaps we could spin it up as a separate service?

FWIW - I’d be happy to contribute to such a project. - Insteon2MQTT anyone?