Insteon customize friendly names sometime after 0.76 stopped working

I’ve upgraded hassio from 0.76 to 0.85.1 and I’ve lost all my customized insteon friendly_name(s). Well, they’re still in the configuration.yaml, but no longer reflected in the web interface. I’m guessing that maybe, e.g., “switch.400BF8” should maybe have a new entry name, but what? Is there a magic decoder ring to convert old to new? I’ve looked in and it doesn’t look like anything’s changed – where now?


Check the States page ( < > ) and look for your devices to check carefully for name changes. There was a breaking change in 0.85 that impacted naming.

Thanks. Looks like all the insteon and X10 components’ names were changed by the upgrade.

I’ve got a bunch of manual searching and editing ahead of me both to get my friendly names back and to fix all the automations that used those components . . . If I didn’t have a bunch of non-Insteon components, I probably would just start from scratch.