Insteon devices - Inconsistent activation

I’ve got the latest Home Assistant OS running in Hyper-V on Windows 11 desktop. I’ve been able to register all 17 of my Insteon devices (outlets, switches and Keypads). I notice that when I toggle the keypad buttons, I’m getting inconsistent results. Sometimes the action that I was expecting occurs and sometimes the keypad backlight turns off and on without actually turning off and on the light it is supposed to actuate. Specific example, I have an 8-button keypad. Button F was programmed to an Insteon scene. When I press the F button on the keypad, the 4 lights that are associated with the scene turn on and off. In Home Assistant when I press the F button it turns on and of the keypad backlight but not activating the 4 lights. I’m not sure where to look to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated.


This is because pyinsteon does not completely support Insteon PLM All-Link Groups. That KPL button F should be part of a PLM All-Link group which then could be controlled and would send the All-Link recall to activate the “scene”; note that Insteon uses the term All-Link group for “scene”. But the current library does not support PLM All-Link groups as entities. You should probably hide all the KPL button entities because they are not effectively usable in the UI.

If the existing PLM ALDB has entries for that KPL All-Link group then you can trigger the PLM All-Link group by calling the insteon.scene_on service with the PLM All-Link group number.

I haven’t figured out how to effectively create a UI object that correctly follows the status of the Insteon All-Link group. You can create a toggle to call the insteon.scene_on / off services which does work, but that toggle will be out of sync if someone activates the All-Link group from the KPL. This happens all the time in my home.