Insteon failed to connect in VirtualBox but does connect in HA Portable

Hello all. I’m new to HA and started out by getting my system running in Home Assistant Portable. I’m connected to an Insteon hub version 2 (2245-222). In the now not-working Insteon app, I had the DHCP switch set to off. Because of that my hub does not get assigned a 192 IP address by my router. It’s using instead. By connecting the hub to my PC with a LAN cable I got connected and all my devices were recognized.

Now I’m trying to progress to the latest and supported version of HA running in VirtualBox on Windows 10. But even after rebooting my system the Insteon integration fails to connect to the hub. I’m able to connect to the hub through my browser, and Home Assistant Portable is also able to connect to the hub.

I’d appreciate any suggestions for resolving this.


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