Insteon Hub Has Delayed Response Since Servers Came Back Online

Hi Guys,

I’ve read through many threads on this forum since the Insteon servers went down. After many hours of research, I managed to get my Insteon hub working with Home Assistant. I actually like Home Assistant way better than having Insteon servers control the hub since I have a lot more flexibility with what I can do, including controlling my FanLink module with my Logitech Hub and remote.

The issue I am having is that ever since Insteon switched their servers back on, my Home Assistant has been having trouble controlling the hub. I noticed that the green light was on the hub when the servers turn back on. However, I managed to figure out how to block the hub from accessing the Internet through my router. So now the hub no longer communicates with Insteon servers and I can confirm this by opening the app and it tells me that my hub is not connected. Now, when I try to control my devices using Home Assistant, there is sometimes a long delay, like up to a couple of minutes even before the devices respond, but they eventually do respond. If there was a series of actions, they all happen in sequence once the signal finally goes through. Once they do respond finally, they will continue to respond for a while to any further changes before the issue happens again.

I’m not sure if the hub is trying to connect to the Insteon server still which is causing the delay or what is going on. This was not happening when the Insteon servers were down. I’ve tried to search around but haven’t come across any information in regards to this. If anybody could give me a hand, that would be appreciated.

Thank you.

It sounds like a typical timeout on the internet servers.
The difference between your blocking and the server being down might be the response.
When the servers were down they replied with a no response and your devices could then continue their actions.
If you have set up your manual blocking to drop, then there is no reply back to the devices and they have to assume the internet is just really slow until the timeout of typically 3 minutes is reached.
Changing your blocking method from drop to reject will send a reply back to the devices and should make them continue their actions. That is if the code is made correct, but test it.