Insteon integration not reinstalling

I had Insteon integration installed on Pi3 and working fine, except for automation of three Insteon outlets. These will operate on direct commands, but will not respond on commands included in automation sequences.
I tested many events but no success.
I’m not familiar with HA coding so I rely on built in commands.
I could not find a way to only remove (delete) these three outlets, so I decided to remove the Insteon integration. I’m now facing the problem that I can’t reinstall it; I’m getting the following message :
« Already configured. Only a single configuration possible. »
All my Insteon devices have disappeared from Home Automation app. I’m desperate.
I would greatly appreciate help to solve this issue (reinstalling Insteon integration) which is beyond my knowledge.

I have found the file « /config/insteon_devices.json » and renamed it, restarted HA; no more success, same message saying integration already exist, can’t install it twice.
The original « insteon_devices.json » file seemed intact and includes 1220 lines.

After installing the latest version of Home Assistant (2022.11.2), upon regaining control over the application after reboot, in the Devices & Services list, an Integration tile appeared showing “Insteon deactivated by user”. I just had to click on the Activate button and I was back in business as far as my installes Insteon devices.