Insteon Integration PLM Configuration Trouble

Hi! I’m consolidating all my devices to HA and trying to finally cut the cord with my ISY994. I’ve got HA Core set up with most of my devices and have been managing Insteon devices through the Universal Device integration to date but am ready to cut that cord. I made a serial cord to connect my PLM direct to my Pi but have hit a roadblock with what I thought would be the simplest part of this process.

When I add the Insteon Integration in HA and select PLM to manually configure it asked for the device path - but there is simply no place to actually type the device path into. Any ideas what I am missing? I’m stumped and feel pretty dumb that this is what finally broke me. Thanks in advance.


I made a serial cord to connect my PLM direct to my Pi

You know this works how?

I know the PLM works. I don’t know that the serial cord works. I had expected to be able to type the path into the configuration and if it didn’t work see a failure response.

Are you suggesting that if it’s not working it won’t allow me to type in a device path?

Thanks for the response.

The question re-phrased would be “Do you know the serial cable works?”

Is it the standard one that came with the PLM or did you plug in something else? Sounds like you made one so be sure you got the three signals correctly wired. Then I dont know PI but possibly you need to configure the USB port. I do not use a PLM, I have (several) Hubs which are PLMs and also have wired internet to connect so no serial to USB connection.

I have seen others that have used the standard cable and an adapter like this:

Hey there. After rebooting the Pi and HA after work today the device popped up in the configuration and I was able to set it up. Thanks again for your time.

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