Insteon integration questions

I’m looking for a replacement for my Indigo app. It gets more expensive every year and it’s just not worth spending hundreds of dollars on every update when I’m only using it to control a few outside lights.

I know from my research so far that HA has a module that can connect to my insteon plm. I’m wondering what Insteon devices are supported in HA though? Is there a list somewhere? Right now I’m using on/off relays, on/off switches, motion sensors and open/close door contacts with my current system and want to be sure they’ll work with HA before I attempt switching from Indigo.

Waould really appreciate any advice.

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Did you read the insteon integration page?

I did. I see that it refers to certain device types being supported in HA, but I’m not sure what devices those “types” equate to in Insteon. “Cover” for example. I’m guessing this does not refer to the device categories used by Insteon.

@wgstarks Almost all Insteon devices are supported. There are a few neuances to that however. the most obvious is the IOLinc which is often set up as a garage door opener. It does not work as a cover although I am thinking of adding it as one. It works as two entities in HA, a switch to control the unit and a sensor to see if the sensor is open or closed. The only other device not currently supported is the Thermostat.

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I also moved over from Indigo about 3 months ago. I’m heavily invested in Insteon using the 2413U PLM. So far I’m really happy with both HA and Insteon. It’s been quite reliable.

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Thanks for the info.

I suppose switching from Insteon to HA is all manual right? No way to export/import schedules, variables, conditions etc. from Insteon to HA? I’ve been hoping I can get a weekend with no commitments so I can work on migrating to HA but doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. :neutral_face:

No - Indigo and HA completely different. I had to manually create a new system. It will take some effort to get familiar with HA. However, it’s very powerful and flexible. The good news is there are many resources to help along the way.

FYI, I have released a new beta version of the Insteon component. If you have time to test it please see this link:

I’m brand new to HA. Trying to switch over from OpenHAB. I would love to test out this version but I can’t seemed to get version 1 installed. I’ve been searching and searching for instructions. Flashed my raspberry pi probably five times today starting over after trying to load the Insteon integration and screwing it up.

The garage IO Linc is important to me.

Thanks for any help.

Sorry for the late reply here. When you say “screwing it up”, what is happening exactly? Also, are you using a PLM or a Hub?

Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out my issues. Originally I was trying to build HA on a Windows virtual machine. I never could get the USB PLM attached thru an open serial port. Migrated to a RPi and still fought installation issues. Finally realized a simple YAML command attached my PLM to home assistant.

I still can’t get my insteon power module (2423A1) registered in Home Assistant. It shows up in the insteon_devices.json file but I can’t seem to make an entity.

I’ve got Insteon setup and working great on my HA install. I’m trying to get a handle on how to customize the icons so that they change based on entity state (example: lightbulb icon is yellow when state is “on” gray when state is “off”). I see this behavior with some integrations but not yours. Is this something I can add myself?