Insteon issues in Home Assistant 2022.2.9

I am experiencing 2 issues:

  1. When I turn on a wall switch using the physical device it home assistant does not update the state unless I either restart home assistant or open the Insteon app.

  2. Insteon on/off duel wall outlet changes the state of both outlets in home assistant when turning either outlet on or off. I then have to restart home assistant or open the Insteon app to have the correct state update.

I am running Home Assistant 20222.2.9 and using the Insteon Hub.

Item 2 I thought was addressed in the update to latest pyinsteon. It seems to work in my installation now.

I have never seen item 1 work. If I used a switch or Alexa to turn something on, it never showed the state in HA

I installed the latest version but it did not fix the issue with both outlets changing state on the duel wall outlet. At least it didn’t fix it for me.

I was unaware that the wall switch issue was normal. That is disappointing but thank you for pointing that out.

I don’t have (and haven’t ever had) the first issue with ~50 devices. I’m holding off on 2022.2 until the 2nd issue is broadly confirmed fixed - still on the last 2021.12.

Are you using a hub or PLM? I’m using a PLM.

I am running Home Assistant 2022.4.7 in Virtual Box on a Windows 10 laptop and am having the same issue with the device state not updating. Initiating a change of state in HA changes the state of the device, but the HA interface does not update to reflect the change unless I restart HA. The device is a hardwired Insteon thermostat.

Correction: The interface is updating after some amount of time. I’ll have to watch it to see how long.