Insteon Keypad buttons linked to Dimmer, not updating status

New to HA, was using Homeseer then Homebridge. Loving HA so far!

My issues with Insteon for the longest time since moving away from Homeseer.

I have multiple Keypads and each button controls another dimmer / switch.

I set up HA to control all the main load dimmer/switches.

All the “buttons” from the keypads are hidden in HA.

The buttons and the dimmers are manually linked. When HA turns on/off a dimmer/switch, the buttons will not update.

and vice versa, if a dimmer/switch is turned on manually via a button, the status does not update in HA.

What is the proper way to handle this situation?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue! You can see the buttons on the keypad if you go to config > insteon > devices.

and if i toggle them in insteon, they turn on/off on the keypad. But not vice versa.

I just deleted the keypad and re-added it. Neither my 6 nor my 8 work. Only the “main” light on each but none of the keys.

I had to manually create the responder links in the ALDB. Tedious. But works. Use the insteon integration ALDB panel. On the PLM side create 7 responder entries, groups 2-8, pointing at the address of the device (e.g. 4D.32.8C), with data 0 0 0. On the device side, create 7 controller entities, groups 2-8, pointing at the address of the PLM (e.g., 49.F8.0E) with data 3 21 158

If you use the “Create Default Links” button in the All-Link Database tab of the device, this will create the correct responder / controller links to ensure all buttons are seen correctly.

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I somewhat solved some of the issues, here’s what i did

  • add default links to all devices
  • add insteon scene to link the keypad buttons to the dimmer/switch

Actually I still didn’t solve the problem.

some keypad buttons won’t register at all, some will only register “ON” but not “OFF”…

All the keypad buttons and corresponding dimmers are linked to each other in ALDB, and scenes are created for each