Insteon Leak sensors heartbeats

Hi all,

I have a bunch of Insteaon Leak sensors integrated with HomeAssistant using the Hub v2 and they all detect leaks properly:

I wanted to know if and when they loose heartbeats so I can replace their batteries. I created a group with all heartbeats and created an alarm. To test, I removed the battery in one of the leak sensor. It’s been 48 hours and I never received the alarm (the heartbeat never went to “problem” - stays at "OK). I thought the sensors were being polled once a day for heartbeats. If that’s the case, why does the sensor still shows as having a heartbeat with its battery removed?

Do you have a similar experience? Any troubleshooting I can try?


@teharris1, anyone else that can test this? It is still the same after an additional 24hrs.

I have a couple of these. Didn’t think to try that automation. I’ll grab one of them and see what happens today.

Ok, this is weird. Neither of my leak sensors are showing up in HA, but another one (that doesn’t match anything I own) is in there.

Great, thanks. Please let us know. In case anyone is interested, here is the alert I created for this:

    name: Hearbeats for leak sensors
    message: 'Some leak sensors are reporting a hearbeat failure.  Please check their batteries: {%-
      for entity_id in if states(entity_id)
      == ''on'' -%} {% set parts = entity_id.split(''.'') -%} {%- if loop.first
      %} {% elif loop.last %} and the {% else %}, the {% endif -%}
      {{ states[parts[0]][parts[1]].name }} {%- endfor %}'
    can_acknowledge: true
    done_message: "Leak Sensor Heartbeats are now reporting OK"
    entity_id: group.leak_sensors
    state: 'on'
    skip_first: False
      - 120
      - 360
      - 1440
      - mobile_app_iphone

So I don’t know what the ‘phantom’ sensor is, but it’s showing as active and doesn’t correspond as far as I can tell with anything I have set up, and my two actual leak sensors aren’t in there. Btw, do the leak sensors show as dead in the mobile app?

My 8 leak sensors both work in the app and in HA. I tested them all with water. It’s their heatrbeat sensors that don’t seem to work.

Right, I mean does the heart beat sensor get triggered in the mobile app. I’m still trying to get my sensors to show up at all in HA…

Anyone can test with their own install?

I have the same problem. I’m unable to get any indication that the heartbeat has not been detected. The way I tested it was to remove the battery from one of my sensors and allow over 25+ hrs to pass. The heartbeat indicator still shows “OK” when I know that’s not possible. Also setup the alert and do not get any notification. It would be nice if I could 1) test without taking a couple of days … i.e reduce the heartbeat timeout to 5 minutes so that I can at least see that the automation/trigger is working (since it wouldn’t get another heartbeat in 5 minutes). 2) simulate the arrive of an Insteon heartbeat so that I could test the indicator updating from a failed state to a good “OK” state.


  • I’m using Insteon Leak Detector Model 2852-222 Rev 3.0
  • Home Assistant Core 2022.5.4 Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.1
  • Home Assistant OS 7.6 Kernel version 5.10.108 Agent version 1.2.1

Exactly. Thanks for testing. Now that they’re out of business, I doubt people will have interest to improve this functionality.

I’m sure … I will look to try to debug since I still have a number of them. They still work.