Insteon Load all Link Database Service

I am trying to execute the service “Insteon_load_all_link_database” using Developers Tools / Services and I don’t know what to put in the “Service Data” field. I get the following error when I press “Call Service”

[homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection] [547579689280] Error handling message: expected dict for dictionary value @ data[‘service_data’]. Got ‘53c221’

IIRC “all” is what you want there. If you’re impatient like me you will also think it is broken because it’s taking a while… I broke mine being impatient and had to start over. When you submit that, walk away for 30 mins and let it do its thing. I had to use a timer.

Thanks for the response, I will give it a go.

Going through the same issue now … I think the interface may have changed as it’s now called “Entity” instead of “Service Data” where one types the word “all”

I called service, but then how does one know if it’s working or not? What’s the end result we’re looking for?

Would be a big help if HA added a status bar of some sort or gave any indication that activity was occurring