Insteon Local - not all devices added (motion sensor/On-Off outdoor module)

I am new to Home Assistant. I have been able to add insteon local, but only my plug in switch is being recognized. I also have a motion sensor and an outdoor on/off module that are configured properly on the hub but not showing up in Home Assistant. Is it expected that not all of the devices would be added?

So, I figured out how to add the other switch manually by adding my own entry in the entity_registry.yaml, but I can’t figure out the syntax for the motion sensor.

The trick for the other switch was to look up the unique ID in the app and copy the one that was there already and change the address.

Now, I see the note in Insteon(local) that says it only supports lights, switches, and fans, so it looks like I am done for now.

@DanO an update to Insteon is coming in 0.77 release. It will merge insteon_plm and insteon_local. This will add support to the Hub for your devices.