Insteon motion sensor Night Only being disabled

I am just setting up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 4 and have added my Insteon devices. The configuration includes an Insteon 2245-222 Hub V2 and several 2844-222 Montion sensor. The motion sensors are set to Night Only mode and turn on a light when triggered after dark. After the sensors were integrated into Home Assistant they no longer use Night Only and will activate the connected light during the day. I have reset the Night Only setting through the 2245 Hub, but it will only last for a short period of time then goes back to triggering during daylight. If I shut down HA and reset the sensors the problem goes away. Is there a setting that can be changed in HA to correct this?


Was this solved, noticing the same problem, with my motion se sensor.

I still haven’t figure out how to stop that from happening. I have to admit that I have not been focusing on setting up my Home Assistant project for the past while. I plan to get back into it this winter. Hopefully I can find a resolution to this issue.

Looking to fix this to any update just started using HA having everything working right except for this

I was not able to directly stop HA from overriding the Insteon settings, so I came up with a work around. I unlinked my motion sensors from the switches and installed Node-Red on HA. Then I created flows in Node-Red that would only let the notion sensors activate switches under time conditions I chose. This works very well and gives me a lot more control options plus now I can have an Insteon sensor trigger a non-Insteon device. With Insteon going out of business this also a good time to move control of the devices to HA.

i left on the insteon hub but did this as the would take over when i tried the motion tigger

id: ‘1650312271511’
alias: New Automation
description: ‘’

  • type: motion
    platform: device
    device_id: 01bd9dbfad814e6f8eb8216687ed0180
    entity_id: binary_sensor.motion_sensor_ii_4f_8a_8f_motion
    domain: binary_sensor
  • condition: sun
    before: sunset
  • type: turn_off
    device_id: e5ce2f826ecb715d19faa04221fb0680
    entity_id: light.switchlinc_dimmer_25_3f_e4
    domain: light
    mode: queued

so what happens i the motions tiggers then turns the switch off then the hub turn it back on and then ha turns it back off works until i can find a better way

Here is the method I use in HA with Node-Red.

I’m intrigued by this issue and (as a new HA user due to Insteon demise) I have wondered how the Hub was managing this before. I do not know the intricacies of Insteon, but I do remember (constantly) being told that the Hub was a very simple device and had no built in sensors. The feature it supported with the Sensor 2 was to have a ‘night mode’ where the connected light only came on if the level of darkness was appropriate (I think it was a percentage)

So my thought is that a message from the hub at some point told the sensor to turn on only at some light levels. If that is the case, is there some way that HA can get a similar setup message pushed out?

Time-based activation is one approach, but the darkness level as seen by the sensor is much more appropriate.

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