Insteon not working

I imagine somebody has made Insteon work properly with HA. I am completely new to HA as of today. I’ve been reading about it for the last month at least. I have been using Homeseer for probably 30 years. The hub has 20 devices how are working with the old system, Homeseer. I connected to the hub OK and I saw a device appear, but I couldn’t get anything else to work. I really don’t know what to do after I’ve connected. On the device properties peach for the hub there is a load from device function. I’ve tried that several times and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have removed everything and started over. I have restarted HA. What is the proper way of bringing in devices? How about if I want to add a new device? We used to be able to type in the address in the old system I had and that was all that needed. HA is asking for a category and sub category to go along with the address which I have no idea what is that. Can somebody give me a clue on how I’m supposed to make this work? Thank you very much for help you might have.

@MarkWorsnop I am very sorry that I did not see this post before. Did you ever get this working? Happy to help if you still need it.