Insteon state changes not consistently reflected in dashboard

Yes, I’ve noticed the lag as well. It’s very frustrating. You press a button on the iPad and then have to wait literally several seconds(which can vary, but can also seem like an eternity) for the dashboard to update. It can get confusing because it seems like you didn’t press the button, so you press it again, and now you’ve got two commands “queued” somewhere so when things catch up, the light ends up turning on then off again rapidly.

Anyhow, that’s not my core problem - because as you can see in the logs above, I’m waiting at least a full minute between controlled tests and things still get out of sync.

Curious if you’re using a hub as the PLM, or one of the serial or USB PLM’s directly? From the Insteon Integration point of view, it shouldn’t matter either way, but I leave that to @teharris1 to verify.

Using a Hub which is wired ethernet into a switch in the same LAN as HA running now Home Assistant 2023.7.0 as of this morning before I did those tests to be sure.

I would guess I need to possibly do it with “Insteon Scenes” if I understand your issue. I was merely switching a few switches on/of which are not a member of groups.

To be totally honest, I removed all of those from my system when Home Assistant came along for the most part. I hated setting them up and getting things linked properly, never knowing responders V controllers and when I hit trying to setup 6-button remotes with a fanlinc, I said forget it.

I still have like 10 6-button controllers in the house which the A, B, C, D buttons do absolutely nothing. I have always experienced issues with them.

Now I have PADs just like that installed in the home at strategic locations and no one uses switches anymore. In fact, I used some software I had written the @teharris1 liked for Insteon to create HA groups from Insteon scenes. Now I just tell Assist or Alexa to “Turn on Dogs” instead of having a button that does it.

Interesting. I have the same setup. Hub on a switch along with HA, running the latest version (or at least the one immediately before 2.3.7 today). I have an RPI4 with SSD that’s barely using any memory or CPU at any given moment.

I have a half dozen of the 6 button keypads and plan to install more. I have all the buttons fully programmed to Insteon scenes (not HA scenes) and they work flawlessly. At the time I used the Insteon app to set everything up which created all the necessary multi-directional linkages etc. I really like it because if my HA is unavailable for whatever reason, I can still use all my Insteon scenes and multi-linked switches from the switch itself. Good for visitors that don’t know/understand the iPad setup. I also get that “instant on” and “instant off” action instead of the popcorn effect with HA groups. Personally, I’d never give up the Insteon Scenes - I think it’s one of the best selling features of the product line.

Now if only HA would play nice ….

Of course, popcorn. I still have a few where I use “insteon.scene_on” but only those that turn on like 10 switches/lights. I live with it.