Insteon to HA Sync with Insteon Controller

I have been able to successfully add Insteon devices in HA. I’m running HA/OS with an Insteon 2448A7 USB PLM dongle.

While the auto-discover does not seem to work, I have been able to add devices using the Insteon ID. So far, all the devices I’ve added (LampLincs, 2447D switches, IOLinc relay, etc.) can be successfully controlled from within HA.

The problem is when I use an Insteon KeypadLinc or other means to control an Insteon device, the status of that device does not get updated in HA.

As a result, an HA light icon will show that a room light (for example) is on, while in reality, I used an Insteon wall switch to turn the light off.

I should state that I also have the Universal Devices isy994i still running, along with its PLM. I think the HA/Insteon sync was working for me a long time ago, when I first attempted running HA in Docker with dashboards and the ISY994 integration, but I’ve had the most stable and long-lasting HA experience since I implemented HA/OS on my NUC, so I’m hoping I can get everything to play nice.

Can the PLM on the ISY994i be the issue? It occurs to me that my Insteon switches and KeypadLinc devices are communicating with the ISY PLM.

But shouldn’t the HA Insteon integration get status changes directly from the device itself?

Can anyone assist with this? I still have Insteon light switches that stay in an ON state in HA, when turned off directly at the switch.

I would like for HA to reflect proper device status regardless of where the switch is controlled from.


Can any of you Insteon aficionados weigh in…?

Hello @DBB1 sorry I did not see your post sooner. I am the developer of the Insteon integration within HA. Your issue should be fairly easy to fix but I am surprised it is in fact an issue if you added the devices via the Insteon panel in Home Assistant.

Let’s just focus on one device first and see if we can figure out the issue with it then we can move on to other devices but the process is generally the same.

A few questions first:

  1. What version of HA are you on?
  2. How many devices do you have?
  3. Are you still running the ISY or did you abandon it for the built-in integration?