Insteon Toggle Switch does not show correct status in HA

This seems to be a new problem or reemergence of an old one. I had several automations that would activate an automatic shut off my insteon control lights after they were manually activated. Now I note that HA doesn’t even show the correct status off these devices when it is manually changed. Use Stats under developer also shows the wrongs state I found a post from last year on pretty much the same issue. There is no report of the action in my log bool. If match the state using eye Lovelace interface I can regain control of the light

Insteon Entity (switches) status not shown on HA Dashboard correctly; HA 2022.5.5 on RP - #4 by rasbrad

I am running HA on a Linux virtual machine running on Mac OS
HA OS 11.1
Core. 2023.11.0

This has been an ongoing problem in my set for the past year. The states of the Insteon devices in my dashboard eventually go out of sync with the real physical state.

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Nice to know I am not alone. I am heavily invested in Insteon and was pleased when I heard the company has some back from the ashes

How are you the devices to HA? Through a hub? Or through a USB PLM straight into your HA computer? I was using a hub and had issues with the states not reporting properly. Then I removed the hub and went USB PLM straight to HA. Still have issues with states but fewer. Am now thinking of getting an ISY and using that integration instead of the native HA support.

I am using a USB PLM I am not familiar with the ISY, I Imagine the native HA support has some bugs since it went away and came back