Insteonplm Device 4E.23.95 did not respond to an ID request

4E.23.95, a water leak sensor, was physically destroyed and discarded. I removed it from the device overrides in my insteon.yaml and also removed it via the app from the version 2 hub. But, the insteonplm keeps looking for it. So, I searched all files in .storage and removed some references to 4E.23.95. But, insteonplm is still looking for that device at each hass restart. From where else might the insteonplm be getting this device address?

The reason it is looking for it is because the PLM still has a link to it in the All-Link Database. There is no harm to the search process but there are ways to remove it from the database if you want to. It requires using tools at the command line that can do the job.

Yes. Thanks for that.