Integrate 100% natively 1 Brand of air conditioning (ex. Lg) and one Brand of Ambient Weather Station

It should be great if in the future HA will supported 100% one brand of air conditioning. For example LG, that have LG SmartThinQ system for all the products and there is an API documentation:

The same for an Ambient Weather Station brand.

Well you have already some solutions like Coolmaster that allows you to integrate at 100% existing AC systems (VRV or Split) and that is universal. I have Coolmaster system installed at two of my customers and it works perfect with HA, I have control of thermostat temperature requested, ambient temperature as measured by AC, fan mode, dry air mode… :wink:

Thanks! :grinning: i’m gonna study Coolmaster system…
for the weather station i have foud this tutorial:

You’ll end up with a card like that for each zone (AC in maintenance for now at that customer so no data displayed ;):
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Setup of it is very simple as you just connect the 2/3 bus wires depending of AC manufacturer on Coolmaster (setup for correct manufacturer), you setup an IP in it using the touchdisplay and add integration in HA and you are done :sunglasses: Only drawback is price but it works really well so it’s price of quality :slight_smile:
For weather station you posted wrong link :wink:

Actually, an midea based AC/fan can do this with the use if a ESPHome module :yum:

There is already a thinq integration, although it is a custom component.