Integrate a lock (HmIP-DLD) via HA into Homekit

Hi, I am looking to integrate a HmIP-DLD via Homematic (Local) integration (HmIP Cloud integration does not support unlock/open in HA) into Apple Home via the Homekit-Bridge integration.

First of all, is it possible to implement both functions unlock and open (for pulling the latch) in Homekit? I was helped with a workaround by the Simon42 community, it works and I can live with it, but would prefer to use standard functionality.

Second, and regardless wether or not I use the workaround, can I trigger the use of fingerprint / faceID before the open door command is issued? I would like to have a fail safe option to protect against an accidental opening. This is how the HmIP App works. In HA, you have an “are you sure” button you have to press.

Any advice would be appreciated!