Integrate a remote Hue Bridge

Hey there,

I’ve got my Home Assistant System up and running very well for a long time. Now, my garden is the next achievement. Because of having ConBee II Stick, I’ve got a Hue Bridge without matter. I thought, I can install the Hue Bridge in my garden, get some things connected to it and want to integrate it to my Home Assistant via API. My actual challenge is to have not the bridge in the same network, because it’s remote. The Hue App obviously can access the remote network, so what to do, that home assistant is capable of doing the same thing? The network of my garden has no stable IP adress nor has it the chance of accessing dynip-services to do so.

I know that Philips got a good REST Api. The one is used by the Hue App. I want to do the same with HA. Reading sensor data and access lights and so on.

Any hints for me?

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