Integrate a virtual 3-phase energy meter (open source) into HA,use it to optimize your solar pv system

How to run it

Run the source code directly,need NET Runtime 6.0.10

Run the simulator from docker

Get the data from the Simulator

local api: http get from /api/monitorjson

Simulated the solar PV output

Use a totally simulated solar PV output

use the real solar PV output get from other platforms

Simulate the load profile

Simulate a load profile by importing a JSON file

Simulate a load profile manually

Control the load by the API

Integrate into the Home assistant

tutorial: Integrate IAMMETER-simulator into the Home assistant by HACS - Community - IAMMETER

Demo effect: (user:iammeter ,pwd:iammeter)

Why we develop this simulator

The idea that let us start to develop this simulator comes from this post Using Iammeter to charge Tesla only from excess solar - Community - IAMMETER

One of our customers tries to optimize the use of solar excess output by the home assistant. Use IAMMETER`s energy meter to monitor the solar excess output and control the Tesla charge by the Home Assistant (use the excess solar as much as possible) .

we also want to participate in this project, to optimize the control logic together. But we do not have the Tesla and inverter in our office now. So we had an idea, develop a simulator to achieve such jobs.

In my opinion, If we can simulate the load profile as accurately as real, you will be able to do the experiment on this simulator. Find a proper way to manipulate the controllable load and utilize the solar PV output more efficiently.

These are the specific jobs we want to do from this simulator.

  • Optimize your load control strategy: create a load profile, change the control logic of the load and try to find out which logic can be achieved the maximum return from your solar PV system( To Improve the self use rate in your solar PV system).
  • Forecast the solar PV revenue before the installation: simulated a solar PV output, compute the possible solar PV saving and income by the simulated solar data and your real electrical energy consumption data.

Hope we can achieve our goals.