Integrate Apple Health Data with InfluxDB and Grafana


i create Youtube tutorials in german and one of my favourite Video in 2022 was to integrate Apple Health Data in Home Assistant. If you are also looking for a solution that video might be helpful for you?

Please check also my playlists on my channel. I try to cover a lot of different topics and therefore i have a lot of different playlists. But one big playlist is my tutorial section.

If you have a specific wish which content should be shown in a video please feel free to contact me!

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Hey man. Great video for integrating apple health data into HA!!
I struggled with the german, but thanks to youtube auto translate I managed to understand most of it :slight_smile:

As far as I can understand - we’re dealing with current data (most recent records) and start appending the new coming data into time series in InfluxDB. I’ve been wondering if there is a way to import my historical data into InfluxDB? And have some aggregations over it after that.

I’ve been collecting data since 2019 and I’d like to import it and have some aggregations over it.
E.g. Show me average body weight by weeks for last N weeks/months/years etc.

Thanks for the great tutorial again :+1:

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I guess it should be possible to add your historical data into InfluxDB but i think not without some deep experience about the data structure from Health data and on the other side from InfluxDB.
To be honest i dot not have this deep knowledge.

May be you can contact the Dev from the Health Auto Export App if he has a feasible idea?

I believe this tutorial could do the job.

The difference with your tutorial is that they’re using restAPI integration rather than Home Assistant one. Having the restAPI option active - you could put a start-end date for manually test the export automation.

I’m in the middle with it. I’m currently upgrading my hardware because I raspberry pi 3 B+ cannot run nodered + influx + grafana :smiley:

Will keep you posted about the result :+1: