Integrate "Brunata" online portal for hot water measurement

Sine the beginning of the year we are able to see our monthly usage of hot water for the heating in the new portal from Brunata @

I was wondering if anyone has looked into it if there is some way to read the data so that it can be used in home assistant? (I asked them for an API but don’t expect much…)

I have the same issue with Brunata, but in Denmark.
Tried asking for an API, but got no response.
Tried asking for a way to piggyback the sensors for more up-to-date values, but got no response.
I will keep trying, but my hopes are low.

I got a reply today with the answer that they don’t provide an API ;-(

Also a a Brunata victim customer. I can’t turn the lights on, but I can light a candle:

A cursory inspection of the web transactions from a browser login, looking at consumption data, and logging out, I can see that their customer website uses an api backend, based on the following URLs (broken since I have a 2-link limit)


The calls for getting the data are straightforward:

The response is JSON and also straightforward:

 "consumptionLines" : [ {
     "meter" : {
       "meterId" : 99999999,
       "placement" : "right here",
       "meterNo" : "222DEADBEEF333",
       "meterType" : 1,
       "scale" : 2.6,
       "unitfactor" : null,
       "mountingDate" : "2017-12-04T09:25:00+01:00",
       "dismountedDate" : null,
       "transmitting" : true,
       "allocationUnit" : "O",
       "superAllocationUnit" : 1,
       "unit" : "1",
       "meterSequenceNo" : 11,
       "numerator" : null,
       "denominator" : null
     "consumptionValues" : [ {
       "fromDate" : "2022-01-01T00:00:00+01:00",
       "toDate" : "2022-02-01T00:00:00+01:00",
       "consumption" : null

Since the data part looks easy, the main task to get it working then would be inferring the authentication flow, which is not a simple auth as far as I could see, but federation calls against microsoft from client-side javascript that will require some work to model. For someone with the dev skills it might not be that big a deal, but is beyond my familiarity and time availability…


Did anyone get this to work?