Integrate Configurator in Home Assistant


Does anyone knows why Configurator isn’t properly integrated into Home Assistant? I mean, I can update from time to time this python file in my configuration, not a big deal, but it is really a useful tool to have and I would like to have an option to install it easily on my custom home assistant. is not an option, already tried, too bloaty for me.


I’m with you that integrating it into Home Assistant frontend is very useful. Currently I have an ipanel setup in the configuration.yaml to show it as link which then renders the configurator within the home assistant webpage.

    title: Configurator
    icon: mdi:file-xml
    url: http://192.168.X.XX:3218

Only issue I am having is that I can’t gain access to it from a remote connection. The username & password dialogue box come up but after entering the correct credentials the page just does not load.

Internal network it works fine.

I should point out that I am running Home Assistant in it’s own docker container and then the Configurator in another docker container.

I did manage to get remote access, by having 2 port forwarding rules + HTTPS rewrite (thanks synology).