Integrate Developer Tools into Settings

As per title, it would great if the ‘Developer tools’ icon could be moved away from the left sidebar on the dashboard. For new users, having the icon there doesn’t really make sense, and just wastes space.

It can be easily integrated on the Settings page at the very bottom, or in the overflow menu.

Heck no. It would not be great. That “waste of space” is one of my most used menu items.


Only if the user’s account has Administrator rights enabled.

Create a new account without Administrator rights, log in with it, and there will be no Developer Tools icon in the menu.

My account has Administrator rights and I definitely want the convenience of the Developer Tools icon in the menu.

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Are you a novice user? That’s why I specified ‘for new users’.

If the novice user is responsible for managing the system, they’ll need quick access to Developer Tools for various management activities.

So you only want to move it based on something like total system uptime?

That would be confusing as hell.

Sorry, when I say ‘novice user’, I mean more in terms of newcomers that are not very tech savy, and prefer everything setup using setup wizards and configurations.

Didn’t realise that it didn’t appear when ‘Advance mode’ was enabled in your profile, my bad.

The functions found in Developer Tools are unrelated to “setup wizards”.

If someone isn’t “tech savvy” then they will have a lot of new concepts to learn before they can realize their home automation goals using Home Assistant. The visibility of the Developer Tools icon has little impact on the challenge to learn about devices, entities, automations, scripts, logbook, history, dashboards, etc.

Personally I tend to agree with the OP, despite using Developer Tools very regularly. When I’ve shown HA to non-Users, I’ve felt that having “Developer Tools” so prominently in the menu undermines confidence and/or accessibility. Of course you can just go into your profile and hide it from the sidebar.

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It makes it more accessible.

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I’ve had somebody ask if it’s beta software, and when I asked why they pointed to the “Developer Tools” menu. Most applications I can think of hide such features behind a menu. They also pointed to “Studio Code Server” and “Terminal” in the menu, but I pointed out that I specifically added them. Just my feedback that I think the OP has a valid point.

I had a discussion on Discord the other day about removing “Developer” from the Developer Tools menu name. “Configuration Tools”, or just “Tools” would fit better as there is no development involved.


That makes a lot of sense. Just “Tools” opens up the opportunity for future capabilities to live there without necessarily being ‘tarred’ with “Developer”. :slight_smile:

What are the other applications?

I assume they’re also highly configurable home automation software that changes every month.

It is also worth pointing out that the devs had planned to move developer tools into the menu, but ended up not doing so: Move Developer Tools to Settings by zsarnett · Pull Request #11390 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

They have also considered the Tools renaming: Rename Developer Tools to Tools by balloob · Pull Request #10318 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

They are aware that it would probably be good to either rename or move the item, as right now is sounds like something most people should not use, in which case it is weird to me on the menu. But so far, They have not found a solution they are satisfied with.

Moving developers tools to some buried menu is a horrible idea.

I use it dozens of times almost every day.

HA is literally all about development. Every time you create/modify anything in HA you are “developing”. If someone gets “scared off” by seeing “developers” in the sidebar maybe HA isn’t the right platform for them.

If you are done “developing” and don’t want to see the link then just collapse the side panel. If you need to see the side panel then having developers tools there as a link shouldn’t be too big of a deal to ignore.

I think I agree with OP here too actually.

Dev tools are something a lot of platforms use. The best example I can think of is our phones. Anybody on an android phone can enable dev tools by going to settings, about, then click on something a bunch of time and the dev tools are enabled. Then you get to them by going to settings → dev tools.

I don’t think the menus or how they function should be changed, but it’d be a logical fit for the settings menu to have the link to dev tools being in there.

For all the people saying “I use them daily”…
A) It’d literally be 1 extra click
B) If that 1 click is too much you could just create a custom sidebar item for it, if you’re using them that much this should not be beyond your scope
C) I’d bet the majority of those using them daily have them open in another tab/window since it’s more efficient then clicking back and forth anyways so it likely wouldn’t change much or anything at all

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If the dev tools were a top level menu under the “configuration” menu (or whatever it’s called now since I’m still on v2022.4) along side all the other top level menus (devices, people, dashboards, etc) then I would be OK with it.

But if it’s going to eventually get buried deeper by the push to re-organize the entire configuration menu structure (mission drift) then I’d still say keep it where it is. Because at that point it’s more than a “one click change”.

For those who want to remove Developers Tools from sidebar because use it rarely and argue that after move it would be just few clocks away; lets hide this option from your sidebar and if you need to use them again it takes 4 clicks only to get them back. Otherwise I agree with those wanting to have it at the very top level, I personally use it several times a day, so do not want to have them hidden. Renaming is always an option, if this makes people confused.

The reason why I would like to move developer tools anywhere is that I then have the choice to:

  • put it in the menu or not
  • link to the default “developer Tools”
    http://YOUR_HA_IP:8123/developer-tools/state or to

Right now the “developer tools” link always takes me to the states tab which I don’t care for, especially since restart/check-config moved to the “yaml” tab.