Integrate Dumb Lights into Hue?


I am looking for some sort of In-Wall module which integrates into the Philipps Hue system. I have a couple of dumb lights which I want to integrate into the Hue system.

I do not need any switches (I will use the firends of hue scenic switches) just a module which can me switched on or off through Hue.

Any links?



Is this what you are looking for? Didn’t read up on it so not sure if it can control dumb bulbs.

There’s several options if you switch out your Hue hub to for example Zigbee2MQTT. I use Namron switches and dimmers myself.

no this is the exact opposite of what I want. The module you linked is to be used with dumb switches and smart lights. I need a module with smart switches and dump lights.

I have to make sure the light really gets its power cut when switches of through Hue.

Your linked module makes sure the smart light is always under power…


Alright, then you could probably use the other I linked to (or similar ones). The Namron dimmers/switches are compatible with the Hue hub, but no idea if you can get them where you are located.

Thanks for this, indeed.

I was looking for a switch. I might use the one for the “Markise”. But It prefer not to use MQTT in between. I want the lights work with Hue directly in case the HomeASsistant breaks down for maintenance or other reason.

So I am looking for a smart device which (sort of) triggers a relay (where I will attach my lights) and is integrated into Hue.

Thanks for further ideas!


I think most Namron devices are compatible with Hue without the need of mqtt.