Integrate EdgeSwitch 10XP to Home Assistant

Hi all, i try to integreat my new EdgeSwitch 10XP in my Home Assistant.

Unfortunately I wasn’t successful with that. I get the message invalid_admin_credentials when I do the integration via Settings / Devices & Services / Add integration. I have a current version of Home Assistant and the switch is also up to date. I have the switch edgeswitch 10xp and use the standard account from Ubiquiti as the login account.
Tried to increase login account permissions. Unfortunately didn’t bring anything
In the Home Assistant log I find the following information:

Log Details (WARNING)
This error was caused by a custom integration
Logger: custom_components.edgeos.config_flow
Source: custom_components/edgeos/
Integration: Ubiquiti EdgeOS Routers (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 13:55:30 (1 occurrence)
Last logged: 13:55:30

Failed to create integration, Error: invalid_admin_credentials

Can someone help me?

Thanks very much