Integrate FOSCAM FI9900P problem

Anyone with this camera?
I’ve tried without success different platform:

foscam, mjpeg, onvif…but nothing!

in my lovelace UI I have:

 - type: picture-entity
         name: Videocamera garage
         entity: camera.videosorveglianza_garage
         show_state: false
           action: none

but no image displayed!

What is in your configuration.yaml?
I’ve got 3 FI9900P cameras working and streaming great!

My config:

- platform: foscam
  name: achterkant
  ip: 192.168.1.xx
  port: xx
  username: !secret camera_foscam_login
  password: !secret camera_foscam_pw

My Lovelace

  - id: camerasverticaal
    type: vertical-stack
      - type: custom:compact-custom-header
      - id: achterkant
        type: picture-glance
        title: achterkant
        entities: []
        camera_image: camera.achterkant
          action: more-info
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I have a Foscam FI9900P that’s working fine. here is my config for the camera and it being used as a camera displayed in lovelace.

  - platform: foscam
    ip: 192.168.1.xx
    username: !secret cam_user
    password: !secret new_cam_pw
    port: yyyy
    name: Deck

  - type: vertical-stack
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.dining_room
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.garage
      - type: picture-entity
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.new_living_room
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.living_room
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.deck
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Thank you now it work great! i was not set port: 88 thinking 88 was set as default :smile:
Streaming clicking on the image is ok…about every 2sec refresh…but directly from lovelace picture-glance is about every 10secs…is it possible to increment refresh?

no way to increase the frame rate with that component but you can try the new streaming component.

i haven’t tried it and watching the thread for it i’ve seen there are issues with getting foscams to work with it. i don’t know if anyone has come up with a working config for it yet.

I did.
Put steam: in your configuration.
Works quite nice!
Had to lower resolution to 720 though.

I have these camera’s too :slight_smile:

Why do I get an error when I click on the image ?

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-03 152007

@Klex1404 Could you show me your config file related to “steam” ?