Integrate gate by RF

I have 2 gates that I’d like to integrate with HA, one I have access to add something like a Shelly1 but the other I can’t pass any wires and it’s in the limit of the wifi.

I was thinking in “hacking” one of the remotes (Falk 433,92 MHZ) or to use an RF emitter, but I’m not sure how to do it.
Any suggestions?

You could get a Sonoff RF bridge or Broadlink RM Pro. That would be easiest.

With the remote, you need to simulate the button press. You can do that with a dry contact relay attached to where the current button is.

Make sure it reaches. Most RF doesn’t reach very far without help.

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And make sure it isnt RF rolling code gate controller. Mine isn’t and i use a broadlink RF in weatherproof box 50ft away and it works perfect.

I have several of them for soundbars and even an older Denon at the house. My gate is actually a mile away and has it’s own Home Assistant (Green). I used one at the house, programmed a single button remote I had that opens the gate, grabbed the Base64 code and put that into a script on the gate. I exposed the script as a webhook and can call the webhook remote or even through Alexa at the house.

We see activity at gate on camera, and just tell Alexa to open the gate. From my voice to Alexa to Cloud to HA Cloud to Gate HA to Broadlink to signal out is < 1 second.

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