Integrate govee wifi + bluetooth lamp into HA

Hi, I recently got a home assistant green and slowly start my projects to automate my home.

My first project is to integrate my alarm app (sleep on android) to HA through tasker and on alarm trigger my govee smart lamp to slowly get brighter.

The part to hook up tasker to HA worked well, however I cant get my lamp to integrate into my system. The Govee plug-in is apparently only working for hyrometer or thermometer and not lamps. I want to connect the ‎H6076312 (Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp – EU-GOVEE) and it has wifi support. Do you have any tips? Thanks!


I do not have any direct experience with this specific device, however have spend too much coin on devices (including Govee based) trying to hack them for 100% local control. Here are a couple ‘lessons learned’ that might give you some ideas:

  1. Most all of the Asia based manufactures of these many good home automation devices moved away from using the Esprissif ESPxx micro controllers a couple years ago. Controlling these ESP based devices was probably the halcyon period.
  1. Many of the manufactures moved to several other members of MCU family designed by Tuya. These chips are not compatible with ESP firmware, however some smart folks found some ways, both software only (hacking the wifi) and physical by soldering on to the device circuit board several wires attached to a USB serial to TTL converter and flashing custom firmware.
  1. Unfortunately stuff does not stand still and many of the manufactures are either patching the above exploits and/or moving to newer MCU’s that have yet to have been hacked. Govee, seems to be one of the ‘leading’ companies from my experience and often have yet to be hackable devices. If the device works with the Tuya cloud based control system, there are some semi hacks for these Tuya compatible devices. I’m not sure whether some of the newer Govee devices work in this universe.
  1. there are a number of projects working to reverse engineer control of devices that use bluetooth BLE for control. However, this is a more complicated task and can often be stopped due to encryption of the bluetooth ‘conversation’ that is not or not yet hacked. Do some searching in Github for these topics and might find something.

Here is a pretty current database of devices and hacking experiences.
Good hunting and I hope you find a way to hack your device, there are so many reasonable cost home lighting and other home automation devices coming from Asia and it is fun and cool to find ones you can control withing Home Assistant and 100% local, no cloud. Much success with home automation in 2024!


Try the Govee LAN Control plugin. Seems to be pulling in most govee lighting products.

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I finally had the time to check it out - worked brilliantly, thanks!