Integrate Honeywell total connect 2.0

I’m not a developer but I think integrating my existing alarm system would have some benefits to myself and others in the community. While searching google to see if anyone had done this I found this on the Smarrthings community board.


Is this available?

I have a Honeywell alarm control panel that I am able to access via TotalConnect 2.0. Would love to be able to have the ability to expand control through Home-Assistant.

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You could integrate using shell_command and the API calls like

I second this request, I’m not a skilled developer but am trying to teach myself little by little.

A list of the unofficial API calls for Total Connect 2.0 is here

Would like to vote for this as well. I have the alarm panel component working great but would love to also see sensors added in some way. I had limited success with Honeywell 5800 series 345Mhz door and window sensor integration with HA but sensors were not always captured.

There is a running list of events you can capture from Total Connect web interface and there seems to be an events API that could also be used to interpret the events list for an open/closed or motion/trigger state.