Integrate with Facebox or other face recognition

Hi guys,
after a couple of weeks trying to get zoneminder works with face detection and mqtt alerts, i gived up (a little bit too hard for my noob linux skills). I moved to that is really really easier. I’ve now configured my cam with movement alarm sent to nodered with mqtt. What i want to do now is face recognition. I saw that in the mqtt json there’s a link to an mp4 file of the alarm, can i analyze this mp4 with facebox to detect faces? I can’t figure out where the file is, and i don’t know if and how can i send the video to facebox to analyze.
Anyone has face detection working with kerberos?

Hey Herian, I just wrote a step-by-step guide on how to configure and use Facebox in Home Assistant. You can set up facial detection and trigger automation based upon the presence of a face or specific facial identity using any camera you have configured in Home Assistant. Perhaps it might help you?

Hey, was wondering how you’ve set up the listening topic. I can see there are incoming messages in the log of the addon but don’t see any events showing up while listening to the topic.

Is it supposed to be kios/mqtt or kios/mqtt/ ?

Yours is empty?

Yeah I’m using the same but nothing shows up