Integrate LED light chain with light modifications in HA - please help

Hello dear community,

I am still inexperienced what HA concerns and therefore ask for indulgence :slight_smile:

I bought a “Smart” light chain of the brand LSC at Action.

This I could now integrate into HA, but noticed that I could only switch the light chain on / off there in the standard. The light chain itself can with the normal mobile app different light modifications, such as: glow, flash, slow on, and some more.
Here is a Youtube video of the light chain: LSC Smart Connect Smarte Lichterkette Einrichten App Testen Smart Lights Smarter Weihnachtsbaum Home - YouTube (you may forgive the filmmaker his sweater :slight_smile: )
(Light functions from 00:09:17)

How can I now integrate the light chain in HA, that it has the light modifications there?
How do I put the desired light modification in a code, in the best case so that the light chain also lights up time-controlled (for example from 5pm to 11pm on - and the rest from the day off).

Would be really grateful if you could help me.

Kind regards


could no one help me here? :roll_eyes:

Seems to be Tuya, isn’ it?

Probably some missing functionality (assuming Tuya itself reports those functions). You might try opening a ticket, but it’s unlikely to be fixed unless some dev purchase the same device and wants that functionality, too.

Happy to have a look if you send me 25€ for buying the thing :joy:

yes, it is tuya :slight_smile:

i also get only one entity displayed in HA.

OK, I understand and think I will go that route. Provided it was not a joke from you :slight_smile: . But only in the new year for next Christmas. Are you ok with that?
It would be perfect if you could then explain to me how exactly this works. To learn and so…

At the quick… could you maybe tell me how to code the timing? So now with this simple function ON/OFF.

It was a semi-joke. I’m happy to have a look to it but I don’t actually want you to buy me the thing :wink:
Unless you’re dirty rich, and if you are really motivated to have that under HA, a more efficient way would be to share your Tuya credentials. I don’t actually need the device.

If you’re ok with that, contact me via DM and we’ll arrange that.

Got a look at the description of the device.

What you describe are “device scenes” in the Tuya sense of the term, I think.
Those translates to “work_mode” in the Tuya API, but unfortunately that is not implemented in HA, yet.

There is actually a PR for that (Add tuya light scenes (effects) by ajurna · Pull Request #58485 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) but it doesn’t seem it will be supported anytime soon, due to the fact that the API does not enumerate those scenes, so it’s not possible for HA to properly support them.