Integrate Nest camera using generic camera platform


Since new Nest/Google accounts are not able to integrate the Nest Camera using the Nest platform, I’m wondering if is there any way to connect the Nest Camera to Home Assistant using the Generic IP Camera platform.

I’ve tried using this configuration:

- platform: generic
  password: !secret nest_password

But it doesn’t work (and no errors are being registered).
Maybe I have to set other settings or change the URL or auth method used?
Someone tried this before?

Thanks in advance,

Hopefully that link is not your actual share link, if it is you should probably change it and/or remove it from the post.

Also to my understanding the Generic IP Camera wants either a link directly to the latest image served from your camera or an rtsp stream served from your camera. I don’t really want to share my camera’s to try this out but I’m fairly confident Nest does not give you either of those things.

If you go to that URL in your browser, do you see just an image and nothing else? Or do you see a webpage with the Nest logo up top and the image in a box within the page? If its the latter then that’s not a still_image_url and its not going to work with that integration.

Another thing is you are only providing a password and not a username which is a problem. I realize Nest probably only gives you a password but as the integration says it only has two options for authentication - basic and digest. Both of those expect a username and a password, not just one. It’s probably trying to authenticate with username set to "" and password set to the password you provided which seems unlikely to work.

There’s a pretty easy test for whether authentication will work too. If you go to the URL in your browser do see a js pop-up that looks like this asking you for credentials?
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.42.26 PM
Or do you see a whole page in your tab with the Nest logo up top and and input box of some kind in the tab asking you to enter your password? If you see the first one its probably a supported type of authentication by the Generic IP Camera. If it looks like the second then its not.

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Hopefully that link is not your actual share link, if it is you should probably change it and/or remove it from the post.
Don’t worry, the URL is not a real one :-p

You are right, the authentication is neither basic nor digest, and also the webpage is not a still image, it have the Nest logo and so on.

Since Google closed the Nest API, I was wondering if someone figured out how to connect Nest camera with HA, I started trying this way, but as you stated, it’s not possible.

Thanks for your help!