Integrate no-name smart plugs (alexa compatible) into HA


I’m not sure if the smart plugs are matter/zigbee compatible, that’s why I posted in this category.

I have following smart plugs that show me energy usage when I open the smart life app (

Is there anyway to integrate those into HA with their energy consumption overview?

Some Eightree products seem to work with LocalTuya.

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Thanks for both solutions! The first works so far while I still have to figure out how to configure the consumption as I dont know how to configure sensors yet.

The second solution was easier to setup but the energy monitoring is not integrating into the energy are of HA and is not updating after initial setup.

But both are now in HA!

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HA is truly powerful with customization. Tinkering around for hours just to get a simple plug to work in a completely insignificant way because I want it to can be quite fun.