Integrate Somfy IO sunscreen to Home Assistant

Allright. All of our neighbors have the same sunscreens in their backyard and I must admit that I like the way they look. So. We also bought one. Yesterday was the wonderful day they mounted it and we could start using it’s benefits.

our direct neighbor said “it’s super easy. We can also use it via an app” so I was convinced that if he could, also we could use it via an app and … via Home Assistant.

Although it was a log day yesterday, once I got home i started searching the App store to the Somfy app. Hoping to connect it to our Wifi network and Home Assistant to recognize a new wifi device… Ho dumb was I? :laughing:

The thing right now is as this. We have the Somfy IO remote / Somfy IO sunscreen, but there seem to be a little lack on information on how to connect this.

  • Do I need the Connexoon IO hub to connect it to an IOS app?
  • Do I need the Connexoon IO hub to connect it to Home Assistant?
  • Are there third party hubs to replace it?

I’m a little bit confused and don’t know where / what to do. Hope someone here that had the same struggles, can help us out.


Somfy IO (Home Control) is only supported by Somfy hubs currently, since this is not a public protocol. My advice would be to go for a TaHoma Switch to be more future proof. And for some sunscreens, this will add a way to control it locally via HomeKit controller in HA.

A third party hub could be the Velux KFL200, which offers local support, but can be a hassle to set up and doesn’t support all devices.

The sunscreens can also be used via the Connectivity tool from Somfy which is based on RTS. Is that not a way to integrate their use in HA?

Not sure what you mean, @wolk41? If the cover is based on the RTS protocol, you can integrate it without a Somfy hub indeed (e.g. with Esp Somfy RTS. If your cover is based on the proprietary IO protocol, you will need a Somfy hub.