Integrate Tuya in HA drives me nuts!

Hello everyone,

Using HA for some month now, I recently discovered the broad diversity of Tuya products through AliExpress. I was quite flashed by the reasonable pricings compared to the expensive stuff Amazon is offering if you want to smarten your home with multible sensor devices. However, the euphoria did not last long. After ordering various sensors for temperature, brightness and humidity measurement, I was shocked to discover that there has not yet been an easy-to-use way to integrate them into Home Assistant :frowning: . Neither via the cloud integration nor via “Tuya Local” can these devices be integrated (great, there are sockets and lamps …).

In the course of my desperate search I kept coming across the topic “Zigbee 2MQTT”, which according to my Tuya “Smart Brightness Thermostat” should be supported by the device. Is that a possibility to make these devices available for further use in Home Assistant? And if so, does anyone know an EASY way to implement this without much programming knowledge and without flashing any hacked operating systems on the device? You are my last hope before I have to bury the Tuya Devices project forever… :roll_eyes:

This is a good resource to look for device compatibility with the various Zigbee based integrations: Database of devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZIGate and ioBroker

I personally use deCONZ for most of my Zigbee devices. That requires additional hardware (USB stick) and additional software to be set up, but no programming, flashing or hacking of devices.